We are at the very beginning of what we hope will be a big project! Our first aim is to secure a small Heritage Lottery grant that will allow the development and support of a ‘Friends of Engine Lonning’ volunteer group (Phase 1). This group will be essential in driving and shaping the project- helping to decide what our key aims and ambitions are for Engine Lonning.

From there, we will apply again to the Heritage Lottery Fund, but this time for a larger grant (Phase 2). This is when
the real works begins at Engine Lonning and the site begins its transformation.

For example, we hope to restore the old engine turntable and other important artefacts on-site, as well as providing interesting snippets of information along the pathways. We want local schools to get involved too, and teach a new generation of children about what it used to be like living and working on Carlisle’s railway.

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